The SAI Code of Conduct

The school’s conduct policy applies to all staff and students, and is intended to create an environment in which to learn and work. Physical and emotional boundaries must be respected. Grounds for warning or dismissal, if deemed serious enough by SAI administration include but are not limited to: sexual or sensual impropriety, dishonesty, substance abuse, and emotional issues that in our judgment hamper the learning process or work atmosphere. Students in danger of suspension for any reason may make a written appeal for exception. A committee will consider this appeal.

It is unacceptable for any staff member to date a student. A staff member that does so will be terminated from teaching at this facility.

Application for Massage Therapy License

All graduating students will need to contact the Texas Department of State Health Services by phone, eMail or written request for an application for their Massage Therapy License. This License is issued by the state of Texas upon meeting all State requirements and obtaining passing results of the State Examination.

State of Texas Contact Information

Texas Department of State Health Services
Massage Therapy Licensing Program
MC 1982 PO Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347
Phone: (512) 834-6616
Fax: (512) 834-6677

The Texas Department of State Health Services registers the San Antonio Institute. Any questions may be addressed to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Professional Licensing and Certification Division, Massage Therapy Licensing Program, MC 1982 PO Box 149347, Austin, Texas 78714-9347. (512) 834-6616

Educational Materials Approved

The San Antonio Institute hereby affirms that the Texas Department of State Health Services, Massage Therapy Licensing Program, has approved all handbooks, bulletins, and supplements.


To complete a course, the student must attend all required hours (500 or 600 program hours). Students are allowed to miss no more than 15% of total class hours. The 500 Hour program would equal 75 hours missed and the 600 hour program would equal 90 hours missed. Regardless, any and all absences must be made up. An excess of the previous mentioned hours would place a student in the position of being terminated. Any Veterans Affairs student, who fails to attend five (5) or more consecutive classes, will have a report issued to the Veterans Administration. A student must complete all required hours in each subject to be eligible for internship.

School Holidays for 2016-2017

Thanksgiving - November 24, 2016
Christmas - December 27, 2016
Memorial Day - May 30, 2017

Classes resume January 3, 2017

Note: Dates may be modified as necessary by the school directors.

Makeup Hours

Makeup hours are $25.00 per hour if attending the scheduled makeup day or $50.00 per hour if special arrangements must be made. Makeup days will be scheduled for each month, usually a Saturday. Estimated total cost of the 500 Hour program $6,750.00 includes book & sheets, application & insurance fees Estimated total cost of the 600 Hour Program $5,250.00 includes books & sheets, application & insurance fees

NOTE: The estimates above do not included with the cost of makeup hours or possible additional supplies or taxes on books and supplies.


Students will be evaluated every 100 hours of the course on both lecture and practical. A student who is making unsatisfactory progress at the end of a grading period shall be placed on probation for the next grading period. If the student on probation achieves satisfactory progress for the subsequent period, but has not achieved the required grades for overall satisfactory progress, the student may be continued on probation for one more grading period. If the student on probation fails to achieve satisfactory progress for the next probationary grading period, the student will be counseled and the date, action taken, and terms of the probation shall be clearly indicated on the appropriate permanent records.

The enrollment of a student who fails to achieve overall satisfactory progress for the program at the end of two successive probationary grading periods shall be terminated. A student whose enrollment was terminated for unsatisfactory progress may re-apply for admission after one grading period has past in accordance with TAC§140.345(g). A tutorial session maybe scheduled with an instructor with no fee. However, if the tutorial session is used to make-up absences, appropriate fees will apply.


The internship begins after 250 classroom hours of which 100 hours of massage theory, techniques, and CPR has been completed. Any remaining internship hours for the 500 hour program must be concluded within 90 days following the completion of the 450 hours of course work unless special arrangements have been made with one of the school directors. Any remaining internship hours for the 600 hour program must be concluded within 180 days following the completion of the 480 hours of course work unless special arrangements have been made with one of the school directors.

Makeup Classes & Tests

All absences must be made up in person at the school. Scheduled make up days will be announced. Students must make arrangements with an instructor to make up any missed time or tests. All missed tests must be taken within the evaluation period they were initially given, unless other arrangements are made with an instructor. Absences must be made up during the evaluation period in which the absence occurred. Make up fees are to be paid on the make up day.


An absence will be recorded when a student is not present for any part of each four hour class. A student will be terminated from the program if the student accumulates more than 75 class hours of absences. Absences are recorded by the hour.


To support each student’s learning, tardiness is tracked – 5 tardy times will result in a warning and more than 12 tardy times will result in the student’s dismissal. This policy applies to the beginning of class, breaks and ending time. If a student is 15 minutes late for any part of the four (4) hour class the student will be counted absent for that hour.


San Antonio Institute allows for a (10) ten-minute break during each class hour. You will be asked to take care of any school business prior to the beginning of scheduled class time. You are welcome to bring a snack or small/light meal. There will not be enough time to go off campus for a dinner break.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence for reasonable purposes acceptable to the school Directors will be granted. Attendance records shall clearly show the dates for which the leave of absence was granted. A written statement as to why the leave of absence was granted, signed by both the student and a school director indicating approval shall be placed in the individual student’s file. A student may not take more than a 30 day or 60 calendar days, whichever is less and a student may only be granted one leave of absence per each 12 month period in accordance TAC§140.346(i)(1-3). If terminated, a student may re-apply after one grading period has past.


All student grievances shall be taken seriously and every effort shall be made to resolve the grievance. All grievances must be filed in a written statement to Directors. A director/instructor shall be appointed to investigate. All discussions shall be private. If a grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, he/she may contact the Texas Department of State Health Services, Massage Therapy Licensing Program, at (512) 834-6616 or file a grievance at

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